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National insurance issues

Due to new insurance requirements, MCHGA has decided to include paraglider pilots in the club. Effective immediately, paragliding at Mt. Tam will be administered and regulated by MCHGA instead of BAPA.

Meeting location changed

The club has decided to return to a previous location for club meetings: The Pasta Pomodoro restaurant in Mill Valley. See below for details.

Mount Tam weather station is back in service

We have finally succeeded with the repair of our wiring (which was chewed through by rodents.) We are now getting accurate readings of wind velocity and direction.

1st Aid Box has moved

The MCHGA first aid box has been moved to a new location, by the big tree where we land. Click here for map and info.

FCC Warning!

The FCC has warned hang gliding and paragliding pilots not to operate hand-held radio transceivers without a license. Failure to heed this warning could result in criminal penalties ranging from $7,500 to $10,000! For information about obtaining an Amateur Radio license, click here.

Site update:

  • The Seadrift sign has been replaced! Beware of this obstacle at the north end of our LZ, and land south of it.
  • Recent storms have washed away much of the sand from our beach. As a result, tides have become an issue, again. Be sure to check tide tables before coming up to fly.


Next Meeting: Thursday, June 2, at 7:00 pm

Club meetings have been rescheduled for the first Thursday of each month. (All meetings include an informal no-host dinner.) Our next meeting will be held at: Pasta Pomodoro in Mill Valley. Map and directions.

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